But we are Accountants and pride ourselves
on the service we give.

The online relationship makes communication and transfer of data simple, reducing our costs and passing on the benefits to you, but you will be dealing with real people.

Because we specialise in only small businesses, we continually research for tax advantages that applies to these businesses. For example at the yearend we will let you know if it would be more tax efficient to operate a limited company instead of a sole trader, but then we would highlight other effects, for example the impact of running a car via a limited company and the extra tax and paperwork that would be involved – thus giving you the information to make an informed decision.

Our experience also shows that many Accountants start by offering cost effective solutions to small businesses, but as they grow their practice, they personally become more involved with higher value clients. Because of the way BonAcc has been developed, we will not be taking on any clients who turnover more than £1.35 million and cannot operate the cash or flat rate VAT schemes.

We are real people, the only difference is our relationship will be built online. When there are complex issues, we will ring you, talk to you and if ever you want to have a meeting, it just means a bit of travel to our Worcester based office.