Tim Bone, the managing director, is a chartered management accountant and has a practicing certificate from his professional body, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. We have to operate strictly under their guidelines and embrace their policies.

To check and verify this, please visit the Institutes webpage and search for Tim Bone or BonAcc and this will confirm we are registered.

Furthermore, if in the unlikely circumstances you ever you feel you have a compliant to make, we would appreciate you informing us first and giving us the chance to rectify this. However, you do have the assurance that if we do not do what we say we will, you could complain to the Institute and they would investigate your complaint and if I was found wanting, I would be subject to their disciplinary procedures and could even be barred from operating as a chartered management accountant.

We have vast experience in the Accounting world and have developed a system that will hopefully save you money and make the process of doing annual accounts and tax returns simpler and more cost effective for us.