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When you sign up, we will send you our terms and conditions; these have been prepared by our Solicitor. To start a good relationship, we think it is important that you know exactly what you are getting, so here is a summary in plain English:

  • All correspondence is primarily by email and our help and support team will be geared to respond to emails in a quick and efficient way.  We do not maintain a call centre, it will mean a small delay in response but we will respond in an efficient and timely manner.  If your enquiry is urgent, title the email urgent and we will ring you when a query necessitates a phone call.  We will always have one phone line available to take calls between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • We would expect you to be able to input your money transactions and to ensure bank statements reconcile with your inputs and the offer of doing the accounts and tax returns is dependent upon this – if the transactions are not input, we will be unable to prepare your accounts.
  • We have a fair usage policy for our email helpline, as a guideline we would not expect an accountant to spend more than 4 hours a year giving technical advice.  Whilst learning to use the software, any help will not form part of the fair usage policy.  Remember 4 hours of advice from an Accountant could cost you £400+ per year – this is inclusive of our charges.
  • We will do your annual accounts and tax returns at no additional cost provided you have entered your data correctly.  We accept that everyone can make some mistakes and will not be rigorous in determining what qualifies for correct data entry.  If however, you are unable to complete your data entry, then we will not be able to complete your accounts. Our reputation will be determined on how fair we are and we would want your repeat business, therefore, we will do all we can to ensure the accounts are completed, even if as a last resort we have to ask you to input additional data. 
  • The tax investigation insurance is operated by one of the largest providers in the UK.  We will, upon you joining, ensure you are registered by the first day of the following month upon receiving your signed form of authority for us to act as your agent with HMRC (a condition of the insurance).  Should you be unfortunate to have an enquiry, it is your responsibility to contact the Tax Insurance helpline and deal directly with Abbey Tax.  The representative who looks after your case will work closely with BonAcc with regards requesting audit trails and data.
  • A free legal helpline is also provided by Abbey Tax
  • We will answer on your behalf up to three pieces of correspondence per year, for example mortgage requests with copies of accounts at no additional charge.
  • You must pay by direct debit.  Please be aware that if you go 28 days in arrears with any payments to BonAcc, we will suspend your account and all the benefits that go with it.
  • We will need your completed data inputs 3 months before the filing deadline to ensure we submit them on time, responsibility lies with you to provide additional information that maybe requested that may be necessary to complete your work in a timely manner.

The terms and conditions will be sent out to you, the list above does not constitute the terms and conditions, but is a fair and honest summary of the terms and conditions.



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