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  Your complete accountancy solution
  A bespoke UK based on-line Accountancy & Tax package targeted exclusively to small businesses. Bonacc is changing the face of Accountancy with this easy to use system, and you’ll have your personal Accountant.
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Bonacc Online Accountancy
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What Happens Next

  Here is how it works

After visiting the website, if you decide you want to join, click the sign up icon and send us an initial email.  At this stage you have made no commitment to join.

If you have a query, click the Contact us icon and send us an email with your query and we will answer your question.

When we receive your sign up email, we will run a check under the money laundering regulations and then write to you after sending you an initial email confirming this.  In the initial letter we will enclose all the necessary paperwork you will need to complete to join. Upon receipt of the returned paperwork, we will set up your company and send you instructions to download your company and start inputting your transactions. This is when you have committed to join us.

If you are halfway through a year, you will need to go back to the beginning of that year and input the data in readiness so that we can complete next year’s accounts.

We will write to your old accountant if you have one and request the “behind the accounts details” to ensure a smooth transition. Upon receiving this information, we will update your BonAcc software and notify you when we do this.

We will be available throughout the year for email support, whether it is with regards the software or questions you may want to ask your accountant.

When your year end is complete, the software will ask you questions, when these have been answered you commit the software to the accountant and we then start the process of completing your accounts and tax returns.

We will invoice you on the first day of the month after you have had the full use of the software for that month and collect this by direct debit on or around the 15th of the month.

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What Happens Next?
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